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Celebration of Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas 2021 in Canada

Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas celebrations in Canada

          High Commission of India in Ottawa, with the support of our Consulates in Vancouver and Toronto organized a virtual celebration of the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in Canada on 9 January, 2021. The event saw participation by over 30 eminent members of Indian diaspora and heads of Indian community in Canada.  The  theme of the event was  “Rejoicing in the Success of Indo-Canadian community in Canada”.

  1. High Commissioner, Shri Ajay Bisaria gave opening remarks welcoming the invitees. He said that we are proud of contributions and achievements of the 1.6 million strong Indo-Canadian community. The global Indian has become a brand synonymous with diligence, excellence and indomitable human spirit. He informed the gathering about  various initiatives and programmes to engage with the diaspora and the response of our government to help the community during the times of pandemic. He elaborated on recent developments in India-Canada relations. He highlighted the contributions made by the diaspora towards furthering the close and friendly ties between India and Canada and lauded the numerous achievements of the Indian diaspora in Canada in various fields. He also reiterated the commitment of our Mission and Posts in meeting the needs of the Indian diaspora in Canada.  He also spoke about the recent economic achievements and reforms in India and revolutionary and irreversible changes that the country was going through in terms of mind-set.  He also informed the participants about the pilot projects of the government and how they are creating more opportunities and development in the country.  He gave a perspective on farm reforms and roll-out of our vaccination program.
  1. High achievers of the community (including Mr. Chandra Arya, Member of Parliament, Ms.Lata Pada, Eminent Cultural Artist, Prof. Nemy Banthia, Professor of Civil Engineering at UBC and CEO of IC-IMPACTS, Prof. Jay Kalra,College of Medicine, Saskatchewan and Mr. Cuckoo Kochar, Business Leader) shared their life experiences and insights into the role that diaspora could play in deepening India-Canada relations and on how the diaspora could be a part of India’s growth story.
  1. The interactive session saw heads of various India-Canada diaspora organizations share their views, life stories and experiences.
  1. The celebration of the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in Canada served to underscore the close bond nurtured by the Government of India with the Indian diaspora and helped the members of the community in Canada to get better acquainted with the policies and programmes of the Indian Government.

          A few pictures from the virtual interaction are displayed.

HCI Ottawa

11 January 2021

High Commission of India


Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas Celebrations in Canada

9th January 2021

“Rejoicing in the Success of Indo-Canadian Community in Canada”

1600 hrs     Welcome remarks by DHC Anshuman Gaur.

1601 hrs     Opening Remarks by the High Commissioner

                   Remarks by Hon. Chandra Arya, Member of Parliament from Nepean

                   Remarks by Ms. Lata Pada, Eminent Cultural Artist

                   Remarks by Prof. Nemy Banthia, Professor of Civil Engineering at UBC and CEO of IC-IMPACTS

                   Remarks by Prof. Jay Kalra, College of Medicine, Saskatchewan

                   Remarks by Mr. Cuckoo Kochar, Business Leader, Phoneix Homes

1640 hrs     Interactive Session with interventions and remarks by Community leaders

1720 hrs     Intervention by Consul General of India, Vancouver

                   Intervention by Consul General of India, Toronto

1730 hrs     Closing Remarks by the High Commissioner