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Annulment of physical visa and introduction of E.Visa to Afghan nationals

High Commission of India


(Consular Wing)

Advisory for Afghan nationals


Introduction of new e.Visa regime for Afghan nationals in lieu of Physical visa


Government of India has decided to cancel all physical visas issued earlier to Afghan nationals, who are yet to arrive in India.

2. In view of this decision, those Afghan nationals who are having physical visa on their passports will no longer be able to travel to India on the strength of these physical visas. In this regard, all the airlines concerned have been notified of this decision with instructions to not allow Afghan nationals holding physical Indian visa to board India-bound flights.

3. However, considering the difficulties of those Afghan nationals who want to travel to India, Government of India has introduced a new category of ‘e-Emergency X-Misc’ visa for them. Therefore, desirous Afghan nationals are advised to apply for Indian visa on the e-Visa portal at https://indian Henceforth,only those Afghan nationals who hold Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for e-Emergency X- Misc visa issued by the BOI will be allowed to board India-Bound Flights.


25th August, 2021