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Press Release on OCI Cards (20 June 2022)

High Commission of India



OCI Cardsfor Canadian nationals of Indian origin

          OCI card is one of the most popular schemes of Government of India for Persons of Indian origin with foreign nationality.  There are immense benefits of OCI, includingmultiple entry, multi-purpose, life-long visa for visiting India, with exemption from registration with Foreign Regional Registration Officer or Foreign Registration Officer for any length of stay in India.

          To establish their Indian origin, the applicants for OCI are required to submit either of the following documents:

   (a)  Surrender Certificate or Cancelled Indian Passport (for those who obtained foreign citizenship before June, 2010); or

   (b)  Nativity Certificate / Domicile Certificate issued by the competent authority in India, as proof of Indian origin. The Nativity Certificate / Domicile certificate is required to be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi. The format of the Nativity Certificate can be downloaded from the following link on the official website of the HCI:

All Indian Passport holders, after obtaining foreign nationality, are required to surrender their Indian Passports. Those Indian Origin Canadian/foreign nationals who are yet tosurrender their Indian Passports must do so immediately and obtain a Surrender Certificate. 

In order to facilitate OCI cards for Persons of Indian origin residing in Canada, High Commission has made efforts to streamline the process for issue of OCI cards and provided information related to OCI in a user friendly format on its official website

Further information for obtaining OCI cards can be seen at following links :

  • General informationon OCI –

  • How to apply for OCI –

  • Checklist and information bookletfor OCI –

  • Nativity Certificate –

OCI cards are advisable for all persons of Indian origin, particularly for those who travel frequently to India. It is a travel document recognized as a multi-entry and multi-purpose visa for visiting India.  In the uncertain times of pandemic-era travel as well as travelling to India in emergency situations, an OCI card obviates the need to go through visa application process and the related processing timelines.

20th June 2022