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How to Apply

High Commission of India


Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions foreign nationals are not allowed to enter in India for tourism and other general purposes only those having some emergency requirement to travel to India are permitted to travel to India. While applying for visa please keep this aspect in mind.

Please note that presently all the tourist visa / e-visas are under suspension and not valid for travel.  Further, no fresh tourist visas / e-visas are being issued now. Foreign nationals having Indian origin can submit application for ‘Entry Visa’.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, it is advised to avoid all non-essential travel to India.

Additional documentary requirement for travel to India during COVID-19:

While submission of visa application for travelling to India during COVID-19 travel restrictions please enclose the following two documents in addition to all the prescribed documents:

a) A letter explaining urgency / emergency for travel to India during COVID-19;

b) Enclose documentary proof with regard to the emergency travel viz., Death certificate / letter from hospital about death of family member; Medical certificate / letter from the hospital in India about the illness of close family member; Wedding invitation card; etc.

Process for submission of Visa application

Step 1- Submission of application online

Please register & submit the Visa application online following the guidelines at the below link. Please read carefully the details and various provisions provided on the Visa website and follow while submitting application for Visa.

A step wise process can be seen at the below link:

Process for uploading online photo online for visa application

Step 2 – Submit print out of the Visa application along with the supporting documents and Fee at BLS Center.
For further details with regard to application form, documents, etc., please check the details on the BLS Website (
For details about required documents, fees and other things please see below link

Checklist and Information Booklet for Visa

(For Entry, Business, Employment, Student Visa)

For other categories of Visa please approach High Commission of India, Ottawa (