Checklist &  Information Booklet Consular Services

Checklist & Information Booklet


for submission of Visa application

Standard documents required for all type of Visa application



To be Verified by applicant

Verification by Counter official





Online Application Form



Canadian/Foreign passport* (Original and Copy)



Proof of Address








* Additional document for Foreign Passport holders required, please see details in Information Booklet

Additional Documents:

Type A: Application for Entry Visa



To be Verified by applicant

Verification by Counter official


Surrender / Renunciation Certificate


Type B: Application for Business Visa


Business invitation letter from Indian Organization / Company



Business letter from Canadian Organization / Company with original signatures



Business Information Sheet


Type C: Application for Employment Visa


Employment contract



Incorporation Letter of employer in India



Letter from employer for issuing visa


Type D: Application for Student Visa


Admission Letter from Recognized Educational Institution



Certificate of Registration of Educational Institution



Financial Arrangement letter



Letter for Student Exchange Program (If applicable)



  1. For details about the above, please see the Information Booklet, enclosed after this page. Please go through all the details mentioned in the Checklist, Information Booklet and application form carefully before submitting application.
  2. In case required, more documents can be asked by the High Commission.
  3. While submitting application, please keep the documents with the application form as per the above serial order. The Information Booklet is not required to be enclosed.

Details to be filled by the applicant

Name of the Applicant




BLS Center




I have gone through the requirements and specifications mentioned in the checklist and Information booklet with respect to submission of my above application. I am aware that in case any discrepancy is found or any of the documents/conditions are not found as per prescribed parameters, my application may be rejected and fee will not be returned.

(Signature of the applicant)

----  For official use only ----

Verified by






Information Booklet for Visa application submission


Type A : Application for Entry Visa

(b) Online Application Form:

(i) The online application for Visa must be completed and submitted online. The form can be filled up and submitting online at the below link:

(ii) While filling up the Visa form please select the type of Visa correctly e.g., Entry Visa, Business Visa, Employment visa etc.

(iii) A step wise process for filling up online Visa application can be seen at the below link:

(iv) Must select the correct Indian High Commission / Consulate, based on the place where you reside in Canada and the Consular jurisdiction of Indian High Commission / Consulate. The consular jurisdiction can be viewed at:

(v) All the personal particulars / data entries of the Visa application should match with the current Passport.

(vi) The application form to be signed by the visa applicant. The signature should match with the signature in passport and other documents. In case of minor both the parents are required to sign visa application. If parents are separated please enclose copy of court order having custody of child.

(vii) After online submission of application form, no changes can be made manually / hand writing. In case of any error / changes, please fill a fresh new online application form and use that for further submission to BLS.

Please note:

i. BLS International Employees cannot edit or make any changes to your online application form.

ii. High commission of India, Ottawa reserves the Right to Call for Additional Documents, as considered necessary.

(c) Canadian passport (Original and copy) (duly signed)

Please enclose photo page of your Canadian Passport having photographs and details of your passport. Original Passport is required to be enclosed with the application, it will be sent back with visa, once visa is issued. Please ensure the passport is valid minimum for 6 month or more validity.

# In case of foreign passport i.e., other than Canadian please provide the following two additional documents:

(i) Status in Canada (PR / Work Permit / Study Permit / Visa)

(ii) Additional form as per link below

(d) Proof of address in Canada

Please enclose any one of the following document as proof of present address:

(i)   Driving License

(ii)  Photo ID issued by the Ontario Government

(iii) Utility Bills(Electricity/water/Gas/Phone/Internet etc)-must be recent

# For Visa application of Minor children - Proof of address of the parent to be submitted.

Note: Address proof must match with the address provided in the application form.

(i) Fees:

 The fee for Entry visa can be seen at the below link:

The fee for Business visa can be seen at the below link:

The fee for Employment visa can be seen at the below link:


1. The mode of payment of fee and submission of application can be checked from BLS website.

2. Fee once paid will not be returned in any case.

(j) Photograph

One color photo as per below specification is required to be uploaded online with the OCI application. Photograph uploaded online must be the same as the physical photograph pasted on your OCI application form:
(i) Size – 2 inch x 2 inch(51 mm x 51 mm)
(ii) Background –Background should be plain white colored without borders
(iii) Clothes – Dark colour
                                     (iv) Eyes – Open

Please see the below link for the correctness of the Photograph. Cross check each and every example to confirm if it is matching with the required parameter of the Photograph.

(g) Surrender / Renunciation Certificate (copy)

Please enclose the copy of your Surrender / Renunciation Certificate of old Indian passport. All foreign nationals after obtaining foreign citizenship are mandatorily required to surrender their Indian Passport. The surrender certificate is required for Entry Visa. Please note that entry visa is only issued to foreign nationals having Indian origin. The surrender / renunciation certificate is required to prove this.

In case the visa applicant has not surrendered the Indian passport and having the original passport, he/she may submit the application for Surrender / Renunciation Certificate and enclose copy of the payment receipt of submission of the surrender certificate application with the visa application.

In case visa applicant is unable to do either of the above, he/she is required to submit proof of Indian Origin (viz., Indian Birth Certificate, Ration Card copy, Educational Documents of India, etc) with the visa application and submit it for pre-approval at BLS center, without paying for visa fees at this stage. After examining the request once the documents are found satisfactorily the application will be approved for submission with fees.

Type B : Application for Business Visa

(h) Business invitation letter from Indian Organization / Company

Please attach letter from the Business organization / company who has invited the visa applicant for visiting India. Letter of Invitation from Indian organization should indicate the nature of applicant's business, duration of stay, and places and companies to be visited in India.  

(i) Business letter from Canadian Organization / Company

Please attach a letter from your present employer / organization in Canada stating credentials of the visa applicant mentioning reason for visiting India having brief details of Business meetings, workshop, survey, etc. Letter from Canada and India should be on company letter head indicating company name, address, name of sponsor, telephone number, web address, email address and sponsor for financial expenses.

(j) Business Information Sheet

Please enclose the details about Business in Canada in the prescribed format. The format can be downloaded from the link below:

Type C : Application for Employment Visa

 (k) Employment Contract / Offer of Employment

Please enclose copy of employment contract / offer of employment on the basis of which the visa applicant is planning to visit India for employment purpose. The employment contract should be signed by the employer and employee (i.e., visa applicant). The employment contract should also fulfil the following criteria:

(i) The salary must be at least US$ 25,000.00 per annum;

(ii) The employment contract / offer of appointment letter must indicate nature of job, salary structure and duration of contract;

(iii) Resume of visa applicant with a copy of relevant credentials

(iv) For teaching job: Letter of appointment from the school and No-objection Certificate from the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, New Delhi.

(iv) For Pilots: Letter of clearance from Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

(l) Incorporation Letter of employer in India

Please enclose copy of the registration of the company / organization (employer) with Government of India e.g. Letter of Incorporation, registration certificate. Also, enclose PAN card of the organization / company.

(m) Letter from employer for issuing visa

Please enclose a letter from employer in India addressed to the High Commission for issuing employment visa. The letter should also indicate reason for employing foreign national and non availability of similar capable person in India / locally.

Type D: Application for Student Visa

 (n) Admission Letter from Recognized Educational Institution

Please provide copy of admission letter from the Educational Institute where you wish to go for study in India. The Educational Institute may provide a letter addressed to the High Commission for issue of a student visa to the applicant.

(o) Certificate of Registration of Educational Institution

Please provide copy of the Certificate of Registration of Indian Educational Institution with Indian Government Authorities viz., with Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt of India; AYUSH Ministry; State Govt Authorities, etc.

(p) Financial Arrangement letter

Please provide a letter explaining about the fee, accommodation and other expenditure involved in the study program. Please elaborate the source / mechanism for bearing this expenditure. Also, enclose copy of the bank statements and other documents in support of your claim.

(q) Letter for Student Exchange Program

In case the visa applicant is going to India for study under ‘Student exchange program’, please enclose letter in this regard from both the institutions (from Canada and India) involved in the student exchange program.