FAQ on Passport Consular Services

FAQ on Passport

Que 1: What passport services does the High Commission offer?

Ans 1: High Commission accepts applications for Fresh issue (in respect of new born child) as well as Re-issue of passports.


Que 2: Who can apply for passport renewal under High Commission of India, Ottawa ?

Ans 2: Any applicant holding Indian passport and a status in Canada (Visitor/Study/Work permit or PR) and living within High Commission’s consular jurisdiction can submit passport application through BLS Ottawa & BLS Montreal. The consular jurisdiction of High Commission of India can be seen at link below :



Que 3: How do I submit the application?

Ans 3: The Passport application form can be submit by following the two steps as below :

Step 1: Fill and submit the form online 

Step 2: Take a print out of the form submitted online and submit the hard copy of form with photo, supporting documents and fee at the nearest BLS center.


Que 4:: Is there just one application form for all Passport services?

Ans 4:: Yes. It is available at : https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/ 


Que 5: I have made an error in online application/I need to modify something in my online application but I have already submitted it online. What do I do?

Ans 5: You will need to fill a new application and submit it online. Make sure that you send the hard copy of the correct form when submitting it at BLS center.


Que 6: When can I renew my passport?

Ans 6: You can apply for renewal of passport anytime when the remaining validity of Passport is less than a year.

However, a passport may be renewed irrespective of the date of expiry in case of one of the following reasons:

-Loss/damage of passport booklet

-Change in personal particulars


Que 7: Can I submit application at the High Commission in person?

Ans 7: All the Applications are required to be submitted through BLS office only.


Que 8: What are the documents required for passport renewal application?

Ans 8: The required documents for the Passport can be seen in the “Checklist and Information Booklet for Passport”


Que 9: Can I collect passport directly from High Commission?

Ans 9: No. Passports are dispatched to the applicant’s address as given in application form through post only.


Que 10: What is the Normal validity of a passport being renewed?

Ans 10: The validity of Passports are depended upon case to case basis, as under :

Case 1- Any applicant holding visitor permit (Adult or Minor): 2 years

Case 2- Applicants holding a study/work permit or PR:

Adults: 10 years

Minors: 5 years


Que 11: What is the size of a passport booklet?

Ans 11: Normal passport booklet has 36 pages. Jumbo booklet with 60 pages can be obtained by paying extra applicable fee. Please select this option while filling up online application form.


Que 12: I am a minor between the age 15-18 years. Can I get a passport with 10 year validity?

Ans 12: Yes. Minors between 15-18 years of age can obtain passport of 10 years if they pay fee as applicable for adult applicants. If fee for a MINOR is paid the passport will be renewed till the date on which the applicant becomes an adult.


Que 13: What additional documents are required in case the applicant has changed his/her name?

Ans 13: Clippings of two prominent newspapers (One in India and one in Canada) and two ID proof issued by Government authorities in the new name of the applicant,


Que 14: Can I use 'Late' in front of my parent's name/spouse's name if they have expired?

Ans 14: No. Usage of prefix 'Late' is not allowed. Submit the name as it is.


Que 15: Can I submit an affidavit attested by Canadian/Indian government as a documentary proof?

Ans 15: No. Affidavits will not be accepted as a valid proof for any thing.


Que 16: What is the procedure for issue of fresh passport to a child born in Canada to parents holding Indian passports?

Ans 16: In such cases, the child can acquire Canadian citizenship due to his place of birth being Canada. In case parents wish to obtain Indian passport for the child, birth registration with the Indian Mission is required before applying for passport for the newborn. Both the parents should sign a declaration of non-acquisition of Canadian nationality by the child and consent to issue of Indian passport to the child. It may be noted that Indian rules do not allow dual citizenship and therefore, the Canadian citizenship is required to be renounced before acquiring Indian Citizenship.

You will need to fill online passport application on this link and countersigned by both parents. Copy of the record of landing or immigration document/PR card of the child and the parents would be needed. Also submit a copy of the birth certificate of the child showing the names of the parents. Personal appearance of the child may be required in some cases. Please also see the requirement for a normal Passport Re-issue case given above.


Que 17: Can addition like change of address, addition/deletion of spouse name can be done at the time of re-issue?

Ans 17: Yes. However this is subject to submission of additional documents required for respective change.


Que 18: Do photocopies of original documents need to be attested?

Ans 18: Yes. All original documents must be accompanied by self-attested photocopies. These documents should be presented for scrutiny at the time of submission of application.


Que 19: Is it true that Passport application would not be processed if there is a major difference in the name on the Passport and the name on Visa/PR/Study Permit?

Ans 19: Yes. The name in the Passport application and Visa / PR / Study Permit must be same for reissue of Passport.


Que 20: What happens to the visas stamped on the old passport after I get a renewed passport?

Ans 20: On renewal the old passport is cancelled but all the visa stamped on it remain valid till their expiry. 


Que 21: Can I send my Passport application through a travel agent?

Ans 21: No. High Commission has not authorized any agent. Application is to be submitted at the BLS Passport Service Counter or the High Commission by the applicant personally or through a close family member bearing an authorization letter from the applicant. Travel Agents/Agents/Solicitors are not permitted to submit applications on behalf of applicants. Please report to the High Commission if anyone claims to provide such services.


Que 22: I cannot come to collect my Passport personally. What should I do?

Ans 22: A close family member bearing an authorization letter and original identity paper/document to establish his/her identity can collect the Passport on behalf of the applicant.

55. I had filed a police report when I lost my passport. However, I recently found my lost passport. What should I do?

If the police has issued a lost item report of the passport, you are requested to not use the old passport and apply for a new passport.


Que 23: There is a mistake in name/address on my passport. What should I do?

Ans 23: The Passports are printed as per information submitted by the applicant in online Passport application form. The applicants are advised to fill the form carefully. If you require to correct a mistake, you will have to apply for a fresh renewal while using the option 'change in personal particulars'.