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Suspension of walk-in Consular Services

1. Due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and increase in Omicron cases, all Walk-in services / visits to the High Commission of India, Ottawa for Consular Services are suspended.

2. The request for following services provided by HCI, Ottawa will be received only through postal means:

  1. Attestation / Legalisation of documents viz., Power of Attorney, Affidavit, etc.

  1. Life Certificate

3. For clarifications on the above consular services, please send an email (

4. Other Consular Services mentioned below, rendered through BLS International Services will continue to be provided on prior appointment basis only:

  1. Visa

  1. OCI

  1. PCC

  1. Surrender Certificate; and

  1. Passport

5. For submission of applications for Visa, OCI, PCC, Surrender Certificate and Passport please check details on BLS website ( ) or call 613-755-2072.


10th January, 2021