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Know India Programme on Self Financing Basis

Know India Programme on Self Financing Basis

Ministry of External Affairs has been organising Know India Programmes (KIPs) for the Indian diaspora youth with the purpose of connecting them with their ancestral roots and to motivate them with the transformational changes taking place in India and give them an exposure to various facets of contemporary India’s form of art, heritage and culture.

Since the current KIP allows participation of young diaspora representing 3rd generation onwards who have never visited India before and in view of the growing popularity of KIPs, Ministry has decided to organise Know India Programme on Self Financing Basis, so as to enable more PIO diaspora youth to be part of KIP as per the following terms:

The KIP will be available to PIO/OCI card holders in the age group 18 - 35 years irrespective of their generation and previous visits to India.

The Programme will be organised by the same Event Management Company (EMC) that is approved for the regular KIPs at the same rates and conditions. The participants will have to bear the total cost of international and domestic travel, boarding and lodging, management fee of the EMC, international medical insurance, etc. Air tickets to/ from India and international medical insurance will be purchased directly by the participants. The logistic arrangements in India will be made by the EMC on payment basis and the money will be payable directly by the participants to the EMC.

Ministry of External Affairs will identify one or two state(s) to be visited by the participants, draw a structured programme schedule in coordination with the EMC and coordinate with the organisations concerned for waiver of entrance fee to various historic sites.

Other conditions like provision of gratis visa by the High Commission, orientation programme at FSI, deployment of a liaison officer with the KIP group, etc. will remain the same as for a regular KIP.

All interested participants are requested to send their preferable State and any queries to by 29 June, 2018.