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FAQ – on obtaining Indian Visa during COVID-19

General Information:

Due to COVID-19 there are various travel restrictions for entry of foreign nationals in India, Foreign nationals are allowed to visit India only for Emergency cases. There have been several changes from time to time with regard to issue of visa. Since, October 2020 all tourist visas are under suspension. No fresh tourist visa is being issued as of now. Applicants can submit visa application for Entry Visa (for Indian origin applicants) / X-misc. Visa.


I have certain emergency in my family in India and I need to go urgently. How can I get emergency visa?


Please submit visa applications at the nearest BLS center. Please enclose a letter explaining the urgency for travel to India with documentary proof of urgency, as available.



How much time it will take for issue of visa?


During COVID-19 the offices are not functioning in usual manner due to imposition of Lockdown, Emergency, etc., from time-to-time.  Hence there is no fixed timeline for issue of Visa. Keeping in view of the emergency of visa applicant and details of the visa application the visa request is being considered on case to case basis.



I have not surrendered my Indian passport after obtaining Canadian / Foreign Citizenship. How can I submit my Entry Visa application where in Surrender Certificate is one of the documents to be submitted with visa application?


Please submit your application for Surrender Certificate first at the BLS center and obtain the payment receipt. You may enclose this receipt with your Entry Visa application and submit for visa.

In case you are submitting both the application same time by post/ courier, please enclose a covering letter with your Visa application, mentioning details of submission of application for Surrender Certificate.  In the covering letter please mention Application Reference Number (ARN no.) of ‘Surrender Certificate’ online application.



I have not surrendered Indian Passport after obtaining Canadian Citizenship. Also, I do not have my old Indian passport with me. What can I do?


After obtaining Canadian Citizenship you are expected to surrender your Indian passport at the earliest. Retaining Indian passport and using it after obtaining foreign nationality in any manner is a serious offence.

In case you have not surrendered and you do not have your Indian passport with you and you need to obtain visa, you may submit your pre-approval visa application at the BLS center enclosing (a) explanatory letter about non-surrendering of passport and requirement for travel to India (b) copy of old Indian passport (c) copy of India voter id card / ration card / birth certificate etc., as available.



What is the process for submitting visa application?


Step 1- Submit online visa application and upload photograph.  Online visa application can be submitted on the following link :


Step 2 – Submit print out of the visa application with supporting documents (explanatory letter, documentary proof of urgency, address proof, passport copy, surrender certificate) and other documents as applicable on case to case basis. Fee as well as Original passport also needs to be submitted.

For further details with regard to application form, documents, etc., please check the details on the BLS Website www.blsindia-canada.com 

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