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High Commission of India
10, Springfield Road
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1M 1C9
Telephone No: 613 744 3751, 613 744 3752, 613 744 3753
Fax No: 613 744 3033 / 613 744 0913

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Mr. Ajay Bisaria

High Commissioner


Attaché to HC



Mr. Anshuman Gaur

Deputy High Commissioner


Attaché to DHC & DDO


Minister (Eco, Coordination, Community Affairs)



PS to Minister (Eco & CCA)



Mr. Rajeev Madaan

Counsellor (Pol, Com & PIC)


First Secretary (HOC)


First Secretary (Consular)


Second Secretary (Press, Information, Culture, Education, Science & Technology)


Second Secretary (Consular, Passport and Visa)


Attache (Admin)

For all your queries regarding Consular matters (visa, passport, police clearance certificate, OCI/PIO cards, Surrender Certificate, etc.), following procedure has been set up. You are requested to kindly cooperate and follow the steps outlined below:

Stage I

As this stage, please address all your queries to BLS International Services Limited. as Consular Services relating to visa, passport, police clearance certificate, OCI/PIO cards, Surrender Certificate, etc. have been outsourced to them. Their contact numbers, email address and timings can be found by clicking here. They should invariably be contacted in the first instance. They have an earmarked team of staff to attend to your queries.

Stage II

If the matter remains unresolved, please send an email to giving complete details such as name, date of birth, passport number, nationality and the response, if any, received from the BLS International Services Limited. To ensure faster action on your case, please do indicate the Reference No., Name and the Barcode Number of your case in all your mails. These details are printed on the Money Receipt given to you by the VFS. Kindly allow four working days time for a reply. Let your mail be self-contained and avoid email attachments as sometimes they fail to open and carry risk of computer viruses. Help us in serving you better by not addressing your emails to multiple addressees in the High Commission.

Please note that it may not be possible to adequately respond to your queries about visa/passport matters on phone. Instead of giving you a tentative reply, we would like to attend to your query after consulting your papers/records. Therefore, we request you to e-mail your queries to us at and thereafter wait for four working days for a reply. Sending e-mails to multiple addresses and repeating the e-mail frequently will not result in faster disposal of your case.

Only the mails/letters written by the applicants themselves (or immediate family members) are attended to.

Stage III

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, please send an e-mail to giving details of the case and indicating the response received during the Stage I and Stage II mentioned above. Please note that the only cases which remain unresolved during Stage I and Stage II will be responded to during Stage III.

The above procedure is applicable for those seeking service from the High Commission of India in Ottawa. Only those residing in Ottawa, Hull, National Capital region comprising Kingston, Cornwall, Hawksbury, Smith Falls, Carleton Place, Montreal and Nunavut territories should apply to the High Commission of India, Ottawa for Consular Services. If you reside in Ontario (except the places catered to by the High Commission of India as mentioned above), Quebec (except Montreal), Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland, services would be given by the Consulate General of India in Toronto. The website is: If you reside in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon and Northwest territories, services would be given by Consulate General of India in Vancouver. The website is

When you contact with us (face to face, by phone, by letter or online), our staff will be polite to you and will expect the same from you. We will not tolerate:

  • abusive, intimidating or threatening behaviour;
  • swearing and offensive language;
  • conduct amounting to harassment based on a person\'s gender, age, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation or disability;
  • shouting;
  • insults about our procedures, our staff or other people; or
  • attempts to use pressure or bribery to get information.

Our staff may end a phone conversation if the caller uses inappropriate language or aggressive behaviour. We will ask the caller to stop that behaviour and, if it continues, we will end the call.