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Surrender / Renunciation Certificate Services

High Commission of India, Ottawa, Canada

Persons of Indian Origin to obtain Surrender Certificate on Renunciation of Indian Citizenship

Persons of Indian origin applying for Indian visa, OCI/PIO Card or miscellaneous consular services are required to produce a Surrender Certificate. This Certificate would be issued to them on payment of one-time Renunciation of Indian Citizenship Fee. Salient features of the scheme are listed below:

* Indian citizens acquiring any foreign citizenship on or after 1 June, 2010 must formally renounce Indian citizenship. This can be done by surrendering their Indian passports for cancellation and obtaining a "Surrender Certificate" endorsement on the cancelled passport.  They would be required to pay a one time Renunciation Fee of Canadian $ 168 while surrendering their Indian passports.  The Indian passports would be cancelled and returned to the passport holder along with the Surrender Certificate for future reference.

* Indian citizenship must be formally renounced as soon as possible after acquiring foreign citizenship.

* Production of Surrender Certificate endorsement is essential while applying for Indian visa, PIO/OCI card or any other miscellaneous consular services, in case you acquired Canadian citizenship on or after 1 June, 2010.

* In case, the Indian passport held at the time of acquiring Canadian citizenship is not available, a statement explaining the circumstances of the loss/damage; police report of lost passport, if lodged; photocopy of the Passport, if available; the passport number and date of issue/expiry, if available; must be provided, along with proof in support of the fact that you held an Indian Passport in the past. One such proof can be the "Record of Landing" issued by the Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) Canada on your arrival in Canada. Please see a sample by clicking here If this has also been lost, you can get a duplicate issued by the CIC by making an application to them.

* If the Indian passport has not been cancelled for more than 3 years, or if it had been utilized to visit India, or any other consular service was obtained after acquiring foreign nationality, a PENALTY would be charged. The penalty would be in addition to the Renunciation Fee. Broadly speaking, following are the provisions relating to penalty:

(Amounts revised effective 23.01.2015)

Sl. No.

Fee / Penalty for

Revised Amt. in C$
w.e.f. 23.01.2015


Renunciation of Indian Citizenship(when foreign citizenship was acquired on or after 01/06/2010 - otherwise no fee)

C$ 240 + C$ 3/-


Indian passport Retention Penalty when Indian Passport expired before 01/01/2005 and Passport was not used for travel after obtaining foreign citizenship.



Indian passport Retention Penalty when Indian Passport expired on or after 01/01/2005 and passport is not surrendered up to three years after expiry and not used for travel after obtaining foreign citizenship.

C$ 343 + C$ 3/-


When Indian passport is used for travel after obtaining foreign citizenship.

C$ 343 + for each travel on Indian passport with maximum of C$ 1711 + C$ 3/-


When Indian Passport expired on or after 01/01/2005 and Passport not surrendered for over three years after obtaining foreign citizenship and used for travel after obtaining foreign citizenship

C$ 343 /-for retention and C$ 343/- for each travel on Indian passport (aggregate penalty on travel not to exceed C$1711/-) + C$ 3/-


Renewal/Re-issue of Passport and travelling on it after acquiring foreign citizenship 

i) C$ 856/- for each renewal/re-issue and
ii)C$ 343/- for each travel on Indian passport (aggregate penalty on travel not to exceed C$ 1711/-) + C$ 3/-

* This procedure of paying Renunciation Fee shall be applicable to those who acquire Canadian citizenship on 1 June, 2010 or thereafter. Those who acquired the foreign citizenship on 31 May, 2010 or earlier need not pay the Renunciation Fee. However, they must get their Indian Passport, whether already expired or not, duly cancelled.

* It is essential to keep the Surrender Certificate endorsement very carefully as that will be required while approaching the Indian High Commission in future.

* Please note that it is a punishable offence under the Indian Passport Act, 1967 to apply for Indian passport or continue to hold an Indian passport or get an Indian passport re-issued or to travel on Indian passport after acquiring foreign citizenship.

* We encourage you to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by clicking here.

Procedure for obtaining Surrender Certificate/Renunciation Certificate:

Please note that we have outsourced this service to our outsourcing agents, BLS International. You are required to contact them directly for depositing your forms and fees. All your queries may also be directed to their staff. Their office addresses, timings, phone numbers and e-mail address can be found by clicking here In addition to the fee and penalties, if any, applicable to your case, you will also be required to pay processing fee to BLS International. Please consult them about the total cost and the exact procedure for remitting the fee.

You will need to submit following documents to obtain Surrender Certificate/Renunciation Certificate:

* Fill in online passport registration form at this will generate a PDF file.

* Original Indian passport with one copy. (This is not required if you are applying for Renunciation Certificate or Deemed Surrender Certificate. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here. )

* Copy of the Canadian Citizenship certificate. To see a specimen, click here

* Copy of Canadian passport, if held.

Please do read the General Instructions by clicking here.