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Renewal of OCI

Renewal of OCI card – uploading details

According to revised guidelines and relaxations related to ‘Renewal of OCI Card’ the OCI Card holders are no longer required to get their OCI Cards reissued due to change of Passport or any other reason, exept one catergory (i.e., the OCI card obtained below the age of 20 years).

The details of this revised guidelines may be noted carefully, as outlined below :

1. The mandatory requirement of re-issuance of an OCI card each time a new passport is issued upto the age of 20 years of age and once after completing 50 years of age has been dispensed with.

2. OCI cardholder is required to upload ONLINE a copy of the new passport and a recent photo each time a new passport is issued up to 20 years of age and once after completing 50 years of age.  The uploading of these documents may be done within three months of receipt of the new passport.

3. OCI card obtained by any foreign national, on the basis of having Indian Spouse / Indian origin Spouse - is required to upload a copy of the new passport and a recent photo ONLINE each time a new passport is issued, along with a declaration on subsisting of marriage, copy of the Indian passport of the Indian spouse/passport and OCI card of the OCI cardholder Indian orign spouse.

4. Only that OCI Card holder, who obtained the OCI card at the age of 20 years or below, is required to get the OCI Card re-issued only once when a new passport is issued after completing 20 years of age. The standard existing procedure for re-issue of OCI card is required to be followed by submitting the online OCI application, physical submission of documents and Fee at the designated BLS center.

5. No Fee is required to be paid for updation / uploading details.

6. The procedure for updating details is as below:

(a) Visit website

(b) Opt for passport updation services under - OCI Miscellaneous Services

(c) Upload new Passport, Photograph and other prescribed documents

7. Color photographs as per below specification is required to be uploaded online.

i) Size – 2 inch x 2 inch(51 mm x 51 mm)

ii) Background – plain white colored without borders

iii) Clothes – Dark colour

iv) Eyes – Open

Please see the below link for the correctness of the Photograph.

8. Step-by-step procedure for updating details of OCI can be seen at below link :

Stepwise process for updating details of OCI

9. Immediately on successful uploading of the documents, an email will be auto sent by the system to the OCI Cardholder confirming that the documents have been successfully uploaded.

10. After necessary verification by the concerned authorities and final approval of updation of details, an acknowledgement through e-mail will be sent to the OCI Cardholder informing that the updated details have been taken on record. The verification for ‘Renewal of OCI updation’ is processed by the same office from where the OCI has been issued. The whole process of verification and final confirmation of updation may take about 30-45 days.

11. There will be no restriction on the OCI Cardholder to travel to/from India during the period from the date of issue of new passport till the date of final acknowledgement of his/her documents in the online system.

12. Other details, clarifications regarding this revised guidelines can be seen at the following links :