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Miscellaneous Matters

Authentication of the Indian Driving Licence

Authentication of Driving Licences by the High Commission of India has been discontinued. Applicants are advised to obtain written authentication of their Indian driving experience directly from the Driving Licensing Authority in India and submit it to the driving licence authority in Canada. For more details, please see the link http://www.drivetest.ca/en/license/OutOfCountryDrivers.aspx

Registration of Child's name (Born in Canada)

Following documents are required:

  • Application form (EAP-2 ) duly filled in and signed by both parents.
  • Birth certificate of the child showing parents names.
  • Parents' Indian passport.
  • Two recent colour passport size photographs of the child (2" x 2").
  • Landing record/ immigration paper/PR Card of parents.
  • Declaration that the Canadian passport has not been issued to the child.
  • Certificate of renunciation of Canadian citizenship of the child.