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Press release for Certificates for community service on the occasion of India’s Independence Day

High Commission of India in Canada


Press Release

The High Commission is pleased to announce the list of recipients of the High Commissioner’s Certificate for Community service on the occasion of India’s Independence Day;

  1. Ram Sweet Shop, Montreal
  2. Lachine Auto Service, Montreal
  3. Langar for Hunger, Ottawa
  4. Food for Thought Café, Ottawa
  5. Joe Thottungal, Ottawa
  6. Indo-Canadian Community Centre, Ottawa
  7. Canadian Association of Students from India. Ottawa
  8. SiddharthChoudhary, Vancouver
  9. KhalsaDiwan Society, Vancouver
  10. Chetna Association of Canada, Vancouver
  11. India-Canada Association of Saskatchewan, Regina
  12. Sewa Canada International Aid INC., Toronto
  13. SaiDham Canada, Toronto
  14. Punjabi Food Sewa, Toronto
  15. Guru Nanak Food Sewa, Toronto

The organizations and individuals so being recognized displayed exemplary dedication and commitment to the service of Indians, including students, in Canada, Indo-Canadian Community and the Canadian society at large in the early stages of COVID-19 pandemic. Their work reflects the cherished Indian ethos of service,  sewa, and represents the best of the qualities of the vibrant Indo-Canadian community in Canada. The High Commission is proud to recognize their work in bringing relief and assistance to the needy in a time of distress.

The High Commissioner’s Certificate for Community service is awarded on the occasion of India’s national days (Republic Day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti) every year to community organizations and individuals who have displayed exceptional service for the welfare of Indians and people of Indian heritage in Canada thereby contributing to promotion of understanding and amity between the peoples of India and Canada. 


15 August 2020