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Press Release for Mukul Hindi School Golden Jubilee



Press Release

Golden Jubilee year of Mukul Hindi School, Ottawa

          The Mukul Hindi School in Ottawa was founded in 1971 by the Indian community in Ottawa with the support of Mrs. Medha Bhadkamkar, wife of the then High Commissioner of India to Canada, for  teaching Hindi language and providing children of the community the experience of rich cultural heritage of India early in their personal growth. Over the years its footprint grew and it started operating under the aegis of both the Heritage and International Language Programmes of the Ministry of Education of Ontario. It is now an affiliated school with Ottawa Carleton District Board for Hindi language. It has under its roll students from within and outside the Indian community.

          The School, constituted as a non-profit charitable organization, is run by a Voluntary Management Committee, elected every year by a General Body consisting of teachers and parents/guardians of students currently enrolled in the Hindi language classes. The Management Committee has worked passionately and tenaciously over the past decades to sustain the founding vision of the school.

          Since its inception, Mukul Hindi School has worked in close association with the High Commission of India in Ottawa for various cultural initiatives apart from the propagation of Hindi. The School has given generations of students from the Indian community in Canada a strong grounding in not just the language of their roots, but also in the culture and traditions of India.

          On this annual day graduation in the Golden Jubilee Year of Mukul Hindi School, the High Commission of India, Ottawa congratulates all ex-Mukulians, the teachers, the staff, the management, the parents and the young students presently enrolled in the School.

19 June 2021